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The Dancehall Divas Africa brand isn’t just about empowering women physically, mentally and emotionally through dance, we want you to benefit financially too!

If you have a few hours one or two evenings a week, have a genuine passion for dance and are naturally enthusiastic and bubbly, becoming a Dancehall Diva Instructor could give you a very decent, stress free second income…not to mention, the motivation to keep yourself looking good!


The Dancehall Divas Workout was officially launched in September 2014 and founded by Corrine (fondly known as DeZiya – pronounced ‘Desire’). After taking up Afrobeats and Dancehall choreography classes in London at the grand awesome age of 35, not only did she lose a lot of weight, she had fun doing so!

Having struggled with her weight all her life, and five children later (yes, FIVE), DeZiya wanted to inspire other regular women like herself who were less inclined to seek a healthier lifestyle in the traditional way. With that idea, DANCEHALL DIVAS was born.

“Our tagline is “Slimmer, Stronger, Sexier” because no matter your size or lack of dance experience, this is exactly how you’ll feel after taking my class”, says DeZiya.

Applying the Zumba format, the routines are mainly to the sounds of Afrobeats and Dancehall with a touch of commercial Hip Hop. Classes are strictly a MALE FREE ZONE with an additional emphasis on unleashing the Diva in you!

In order to expand the Dancehall Divas brand, in the Summer 2015, DeZIya went to LA and New York to seek inspiration from some of her favourite Heels choreographers like JoJo Gomez, Brinn Nicole, and Shirley Quinley and at iconic studios to include Millenium Dance Complex, IDA Hollywood, Movement Lifestyle and Broadway Dance Centre. This experience has since lead to the third class on the Diva Class Menu, SEXY DIVAS!

“As a Mom, fast approaching fourty and once extremely obesse, I really hope to inspire other women in Africa and around the World and remind them never to let go of your dreams. With lifes responsibilities it’s easy to forget yourself and ultimately let yourself go… DON’T! Dancing again has helped me find a new confidence, start taking pride in my body and smile again. I want you to smile with me” 🙂

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