Figure it out with Figureight

As usual, September is the month we start gearing up for our Christmas body! September 16th marks the the Day we kick off our 100 Days till Christmas Weight Loss Challenge.

We'll be launching the Figureight Weight Watchers support group to actively monitor your weight loss/maintenance, giving you weekly assignments to ensure you stay on course and have some accountability. Whether your looking to do Keto, Low calorie, Intermittent Fasting or otherwise, we're here to support and educate you.

Sessions will take place on Mondays and Tuesdays ahead of class (6:15pm) and Saturdays after class (9:45am).
The 3 month course (Sept-Dec | Jan-Mar | Apr-June) will however come at an additional cost to your classes in order to cover admin, but still very much a bargain, at just 200ghs per term. Sign up before September 14th to participate.

DeZiya Sankofa