Born and bred in the UK to Jamaican parents, I had a very full and active childhood.  Gymnastics, horse riding, steel band, netball, swimming, name it, I DID IT!  However, I was always the bigger child amongst my peers. 

Music and dance was always my first love and movement to the beat came very natural to me.  I was enrolled into the local dance academy from the age of 5 and spent most school break times making up dance routines with my friends. 

During my early teenage years, I continued to dance, competing in any Talent Competition I could find (often winning may I add!)  and during the Summer Holidays I'd teach my juniors at Summer Scheme.

Did I mention, it was around this time I visited Ghana for the very first time?

Anyhoo, at 15 my parents and I moved to another city and my extremely active extra curricular life pretty much came to a screeching holt :(

My weight steadily increased and by 19 I fell pregnant.




At twenty I moved to Ghana alone with my son.  I had no family or friends, but soon made some and honestly had an amazing 3 years!  (side note, I effortlessly got down to my lowest weight too :) My fouth year however was tough.  I missed my family and friends and to be honest, was just over Ghana. I hastily moved back home and got on with life. 

By 29 I'd had another 3 children, gaining obscene amounts of weight with each one and battling to lose it, in between pregnancies.

Despite managing to hold down pretty good jobs as a mortgage adviser and tax office administrator, the monotony of life, miserable weather and daily struggle of single handily managing four children after my failed relationship, lead me to FALL INTO A DEEP DEPRESSION!

my twenties.jpg



In  retrospect, I see my 30's were fundamentally about FINDING MYSELF & MY HAPPINESS! Getting my body back was obviously at the top of my list as well as moving back to the place I remembered being the happiest.  Months after my 30th birthday, I was ready to press the reset button and start over.
I took the plunge for a second time and moved back to Ghana. 

After giving birth to my last born... (trust me, he's definitely my last LOL!) I went back to England for 18 months to study.  I was introduced to Bikram Yoga and quickly became addicted, visiting the studio 4-5 times a week.  I also found a local Dancehall/Afrobeats dance class to attend and FELL IN LOVE!!!  Not just with the fact that I was dancing again, but with my body, my mind and my journey. 

Not one to keep a good thing to myself, I wanted to find a way to give ALL WOMEN burdened by life and its responsibilities, a supportive, goal oriented place where they too could escape and be free...if only for 1 hour.  It was at this point my sixth "child" (Dancehall Divas) was born! 

You can’t pour from an empty cup ladies! Be sure to top yourself up first because, those who matter won’t mind and those who mind, don’t matter.



In September 2014 I held my very first class with just two women, of which one is still a member till date :) . 4 years later, what started as a hobby is now a fully fledged business!! 

Every day I get to dance, laugh, sweat and let go of all my worries, with a group of awesome women I can only but call, MY SISTERS.  The opportunity to inspire, motivate and assist hundreds and hundreds of women to become and remain fierce, DIVAS through the vehicle of Dance Fitness is nothing short of a blessing.

I am genuinely living my best life now, totally consumed with gratitude that I managed to dig deep for the courage required to FIND & PURSUE MY PURPOSE despite all the odds... YOU CAN TOO :) IT'S NEVER TO LATE!


Everybody dies, but not everybody lives.
— Drake