In 2019 we’re taking a different approach to WEIGHT LOSS.
From our 2018 research we realized, short term challenges reap more successful results than longer challenges. Therefore this year we’ll be introducing you to 12 of the best weight loss/fitness Guru’s in the industry to power us on our journey. They say variety is the spice of life so I figured this will keep us all motivated and educated.

Click the link to find out exactly who is JANUARY’S WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE GURU OF THE MONTH!



If you don’t really fancy dancing but still want to lose 10+ Kilos or more, we can connect you with Ghana’s Number 1 Weight Loss Specialist, Rema King. As unhealthy eating habits are often related to our emotional well being, her expertise in Nutrition and Life Coaching can help you get to the root of your issues with her Weight Loss Life Coaching program. For your first 10 minute consultation with her, simply complete your details down below.

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